Sunday, February 12, 2012

And So It Begins...

It’s tough trying to figure out where to begin. 

What do we do first?

Should we write a list?

Do we have enough skills?

Can we really do this?

Starting a blog is strangely similar to buying a very stylish (this is my sarcasm voice) 1950's ranch house.  Once we had those precious keys in our hands the shock hit us like a brick wall. 4 brick walls actually. 

What on earth do we do first? The royal blue master bedroom? The teal sponge painted bathroom? The trim that matches the paint color of the room (which, we found out, has also matched the paint color the last 6 times the room was painted)? Buying our ugly house was overwhelming.  But we were ambitious, we were excited, and we couldn't wait to get in that front door and make some changes.

Let me tell you a little bit about us. My name is Deanne and I am addicted to crafting.  No really, I am.  I live to craft. And create. And make things pretty. To make them mine.  I believe crafting has always been an interest of mine.  I have a very vivid memory of being 6 and my mom suggesting that we make a craft. (I was not 6 in the photo below, btw).  I remember being VERY very excited about this idea because my mom rarely suggested that we craft.  I specifically remember running to the bathroom to grab a stack of dixie cups.  We cut. We glued. We colored. We created.  There may or may not have been glitter involved.  I made a magical dixie cup flower garden on construction paper.  And it was incredible.  I felt so talented compared to my (then 3 year old) sister who only managed to mangle her dixie cup into nothing.  They probably should have nicknamed me Picasso.

Throughout my years, my crafts changed from dixie cup flower gardens to puffy paint teeshirts for the swim team.  My skills advanced from school spirit posters; to scrapbooking; to working with Reed on Photoshopped advertisements for Greek Rush events at Augustana College

And then I graduated college with a math and computer science degree.  I landed a great job working in IT.  I like to think I was never really given the opportunity to realize my creative talents.

Until December 3, 2010.  The day we bought an ugly house. The day my creativity blossomed.  We had 1500 square feet of remodeling potential, and we couldn't wait to get started.
. . . 

Since Deanne is the crafter, I guess that makes me the craftsman.  By no means am I an expert in any of the trades but if I had a choice I would pick carpentry.  I call myself a craftsman because ever since I was little, I've enjoyed building things (and taking them apart), learning new tricks and learning how to do things better the next time. 

Like Deanne, I have a vivid memory of the start of my days as a craftsman.  When I was a senior in high school, my parents built a new house.  This meant that for the first time in 16 years, I was going to have a new bedroom.  Being the 18 year old that I was, I thought it would be a great idea to put my desk on a 3 foot tall platform complete with access to the area underneath.  Once I got my parents on board, I drew up the design and set off to Lowes for the supplies.   A few days, a few mis-cuts, and a less-than-perfect drywall job later, I had pretty much what I had envisioned…an elevated desk with storage space underneath.  I couldn’t stand up on top of it without hitting my head on the ceiling and it made leaning back in the desk chair pretty hazardous; but I had a blast building it.

In the 9 years since I was 18 (you do the math), I’ve acquired some new skills and some new tools and my projects have (for the most part) become more practical.  To me, there is nothing more rewarding than doing something yourself.  Part of it is knowing how much money you saved but the best part is being able to step back and admire your work. 

So where were we? We finished the closing. We had the keys to the house. What do we do first?

"Let's put up the Christmas decorations" Deanne suggested. "Really?" I thought.  But looking at that empty house, thinking about that long to do list, overwhelmed at the sight of that blue bedroom, I agreed.  All of a sudden, decorating for Christmas seemed much more manageable. Baby steps.

So think of this post, our very first blog post, as us putting up those Christmas decorations.  This blogging thing is a little scary.  Bear with us. Give us a few weeks.  We promise we have much more exciting things to tell you about than our Christmas Decorations. (Who are we kidding, those will most likely be included too).


  1. I'm very excited about following this blog. You two are so charming.

  2. AHHHH! I cannot believe you finally started a blog. What an amazing first post! Let it be known that I made a masterpiece out of a dixie cup- it was probably just interpreted wrong by my mean big sister. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", right?! haha Keep writing! Can't wait to read more : )

  3. I LOVE your new blog!!! So happy for you two!!! I'm already addicted to it, can't wait for the next post..

    1. Jessica S. (Sorry..I'm new at this commenting thing).

  4. The blog is looking great! I love how compared putting up christmas decorations as baby steps to your first blog. :) Can't wait to read about all the fun stuff you guys are working on!