Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Introductions Continue: Meet Our MVP

After 12 months of living in our new (to us) house, we still agree that home ownership has been the most exhausting, exciting, humbling, and rewarding experience of our collective lives.

As newlywed 25 year olds, we began the search for our dream house in the fall of 2010.  After months of scrolling through countless MLS listings, walking through upwards of 70 homes and driving all over the western suburbs of Chicago with our very patient realtor, we found the "perfect home" and made an offer.  Unfortunately, our inspector did not have the same sentiments about this particular house.  The 1,000 gallon oil tank under the front porch was a big red flag to him.  We knew that homes routinely failed inspections so we optimistically retracted our offer and continued our search.  Little did we know that the next “perfect house” that we found would suffer a similar fate.  This time, it was a faulty foundation and a bad roof. 

After two failed inspections we were feeling very discouraged until we came across a 1950’s ranch home in a great neighborhood.  It was all brick, had a new roof, new furnace, new windows, an updated kitchen and hardwood floors.  It even had a waterproofed basement that Reed could walk around in without ducking (bonus!).  To top it off - our inspector approved!

So while we are on the topic of who's who on Crafter Meets Craftsman, how rude would we be if we didn't give a proper introduction to the star of our show? The one who will make it all possible, the MVP of our blog world (errr M.V.H.), the young-at-heart 57-year-old beauty that stole our hearts (and our bank accounts).  So without further ado; we are pleased to introduce you to our one & only Home Sweet Home....

Beware, you are about to witness never before seen footage captured from the original real estate listing (we warned you, there is a reason its "never before seen")...

Lovely Family Room

Jungle of a Fireplace

Dining Room (as an added feature, this room was home to a caged tarantula when we did our walk-throughs!)

Full Bath (The sellers were kind enough to leave the shower curtain)

Updated Kitchen

Master Bedroom (extra credit if you can find the baseboards/window trim)

Can't forget the porch!

Love at first sight, right? 

So a few days after our walk-throughs, we made an offer, passed our inspection, and began scheming over color combinations and furniture layouts.  Since the house had such good "bones", we figured all she needed was a little new paint...

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  1. I love this post! Who in their right mind would pass on this house after seeing that fireplace jungle?!? It feels like a scene from Jumanji.