Thursday, March 1, 2012


When I got bored during classes in high school and college, I would try taking notes left handed.  I must have had this secret ambition of training myself to become ambidextrous.  Unfortunately for me, practice did not make perfect.  A month ago I broke a bone in my right wrist while playing basketball and ended up needing surgery (you should see the other guy); so for the past five weeks I've had the pleasure of sporting a bright red cast on my right arm.  At this point I am really regretting not being more dedicated to my left-handed training program because answering the phone at work and trying to take notes left handed has been a real struggle.  Who am I kidding…I can’t even button my shirts these days without a little help from Deanne.  While I'm on the topic of "cast struggles" it is incredibly difficult to try to get something out of the front right jeans pocket with your left hand (although it is probably pretty entertaining to watch me try).  

Needless to say, a broken wrist isn’t very conducive to working on house projects so for this post I will just tell you about one of my favorite places to shop…The DuPage Habitat for Humanity Restore.  

Many people know that Habitat for Humanity is a not for profit organization that provides decent affordable housing for partner families through volunteer labor and donated materials and funds.  

The lesser known side of HFH is their Restore retail stores.  These stores sell donated building materials, furniture, and appliances at a fraction of retail prices and all of the proceeds help local HFH affiliates fund the construction of homes within their communities.  In general, the stores have the feeling of a thrift store without all the ugly sweaters and the strong scent of bleach (If you spend much time at Goodwill, you know what I’m talking about).

We’ve found some great bargains at Restore:
  • Tubes of Caulk ($1)
  • Box of 15 Can Light Trim Kits ($5 total)
  • Entryway Light Fixture ($10)

  • Kitchen Light Fixture ($20)

  • Various Wood ($.50 / ft)

  • Table Base ($5) [Just trust me on this one...]

Being in a cast is definitely not ideal, but it has freed up my schedule to dream up some future projects and browse Restore for all of the necessary supplies. And, on the bright side, I can’t complain about having 6-8 weeks off "dishes duty”. 

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  1. hahaha! great post! Reed, you are a fantastic writer- I should probably send some of my grad assignments home to you ; )