Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gallery Wall of Love

One of our crafty projects from our wedding involved building a display to showcase old wedding photos of our families.  While we are still looking for a good place to put the cool (and very big) display in our house,  we've been meaning to repurpose the old photos that we had our families dig out of photo albums and boxes. We love looking at the photos of our parents and grandparents on their wedding days - it's easy to see how happy they were and to imagine how (they too) consider that day, one of their best.

[Photo by Rich Chapman Photo]

I knew we had about 9-10 photos, so I finally decided on a small wall in our hallway as the location for our "gallery wall of love."  Before heading to IKEA, I had to figure out what size I would print each photo.
1- 8x10 (Reed & Deanne)
2- 5x7s (Each set of Parents)
6- 4x6s (Reed's Sister and 5 photos of grandparents)

I had intentions of buying 9 Ribba frames, but my plans changed when I saw the Versirum frames. I liked how the Versirum frames were a little thicker than my original plan and luckily they came in all of the sizes I needed (and then some!).

I laid out the frames on the floor in our office and tried a few different arrangements (the one above is actually a little different than the one we decided on).  Like our entryway gallery wall, we didn't follow any real planning process.  The frames sat on the floor of the office for a few weeks (I should mention, right in the doorway).

Once Reed was tired of strategically jumping over them to maneuver his way into the office, he told me it was time to start hanging.  What he failed to notice, however, was that his ninja-like jumping skills had drastically improved over those few weeks.  Obviously with all of the rigorous training, I determined he was the perfect candidate to hang my newly planned gallery wall. Jumping skills, hammering skills= basically the same.

So we got to work. I shouted orders, he smiled and hung frames. Perfect duo right here.

And then he got distracted. I blame ESPN.  So I  took over hanging duty- at least I could reach this part of the wall.

And there you have it, a little "gallery wall of love" in a place you would least expect it.  Just another project off the "let's fill these empty walls & pretend we live in this house" to-do list.  Many, many more walls to come.

P.S. The number "1" and the "P" are just wooden letters/numbers from hobby lobby spray painted white and navy.  We  used the "1" to take pictures on our one year anniversary!

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