Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Floor Planner

The floor plan of our house is a little unique.  Neither of us has ever seen a ranch home with the same layout.  That being the case, whenever people come to our house for the first time, they tend to tell us that the rooms aren't located where they had imagined them.  Well, if you've never been to our house, this post is for you.  We have taken care of the guess work for you!

While I was researching how to use Google Sketchup for the desk that I'm working on, (don't worry, my desk follow-up is coming soon) I found out about another great tool for homeowners.  It is a website called floorplanner.com.  This website allows you to create free floor plans of your home and it is incredibly easy to use.  Whether you are trying to determine if a new couch will fit in your living room or you are planning to put an addition on your house, this tool is a great way help you visualize it. Measuring the location of each window and door is time consuming but once you have the measurements it is really easy to enter them into the software.  

I really wish we had known about this site before we moved in but that's life.  Now when we want to build / buy something new, we won't have to guess whether or not it's going to fit!  So here is a 2-D layout of the main level of our house (I haven't had a chance to do the basement yet).  Hopefully it helps you get your bearings when we are talking about different house projects.  


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