Sunday, April 15, 2012

Now you see it, Now you don't

Two weeks ago we watched an episode of Clean Freaks on HGTV and I was inspired to get organizing around our house (Reed didn't exactly share my enthusiasm).

We I have been meaning to find a solution to the random piles of papers/invites/coupons/recipes/important mail around our kitchen.  We originally had a little wooden clip on our fridge to hold it all, but it wasn't long before it was overflowing and typically found laying on the floor.

Over the last few weeks I saw a few pins on Pinterest ( that would help solve our lack of organization in the kitchen.

Pinterest Inspiration Pins:


[Take Out Menus found here]
[Recipe cork board found here]

We picked up a cork board at Hobby Lobby and some "Post It" plastic sleeves at Staples.  Reed and I sorted through all of the coupons, invites, recipes, and take out menus we had laying around the kitchen and picked a sleeve for each. We decided we would use the cork board for any mail that needs action (bills/RSVPs) as well as any important recipes.

I quickly gave the cork board a makeover by covering it with some scrap fabric (it took 10 min tops).  The discontinued fabric "sample" we found at an Ethan Allen warehouse (which has since closed, tear) for $0.50 and it was the perfect size for this project.  I cut the fabric to size & stapled it to the back of the cork board. Easy, peasy.

Unlike our inspiration Pinterest pins, our largest plastic sleeve and the cork board were too wide to fit on the inside of our cabinet doors.  In an effort to keep the fridge clear, we resorted to optimizing the inside of the basement door for our organization station.  What can I say, we have a thing for organized doors.

Do you have any nifty kitchen organization tips? Please share! We are always looking for easy ways to keep things in order around here :)


  1. Okay seriously you inspire me to get in touch with my inner crafty side. Adorable idea

    1. If you do something crafty, you need to blog about it so I can see! :)

  2. I love it! I am sad that it took you two VERY precious magnets to realize you needed to do something about that fridge!

    1. Ohhh... yes. Such a tragedy that those magnets broke. It was like they took their own life - knowing how hideous (I mean, stunning) they were.