Sunday, May 6, 2012

Clean Sweep: A Garbage Picker's Dream Come True

Last weekend Reed and I experienced our very first Glen Ellyn "Clean Sweep" Day! 

Clean Sweep was described in the Village Newsletter as "Unlimited Refuse Collection. The Village's waste hauler, Allied Waste, will be providing a one-time, unlimited refuse collection the week of Monday, April 30. Its purpose is to enable residents to get rid of odds and ends that can't be recycled."

As described by us:
Free garbage day

And we did just that... 

Saturday evening Reed ventured out and about and returned home with this nifty little dresser.  We don't have a particular room in mind, but we are leaning towards using it for some additional storage in the basement.  It definitely needs a little T-L-C. I'm thinking bright paint and some fun hardware.

Sunday morning (my birthday!) we went out and about once again. Iced coffees in hand, we set out to scour the curbs of Glen Ellyn.  This time we came home with 2 "new" chairs and some cabinet doors.  I've been wanting to add 2 more chairs around our kitchen table so we have 6 total. These babies are going to be painted and reupholstered (soon, we promise!) to make it a complete kitchen set. Reed plans on using the wood from the cabinet doors for some sort of woodworking project. 

The best part about the entire day was leisurely wandering around town watching people stopping every few feet searching for hidden treasures.  We laughed about how normal it was to be garbage picking ("I mean, everybody's doing it").  Clean Sweep weekend was the ultimate yard sale/flea market, but better yet, the junk was totally free!

As if my birthday couldn't get any better, on our way to visit my family, we made a quick pit stop. Our friends Kevin & Celeste contacted us a few weeks back asking if we would be interested in some old glass doors.  Of course, we would never pass up an offer like that (and thank goodness we didn't!).  We walked over to their barn and spent some time picking out a set of GORGEOUS mahogany doors with leaded glass (we are guessing they are about 100ish years old).  The hardware is just incredible.  We aren't sure what we will make with the doors yet, but the possibilities are endless. For now they are hanging out in our family room and we are in love. Totally made my day.

Coffee, garbage/barn picking, and a fabulous dinner (homemade by mom!) with the fam.  That, my friends, is how we spent my birthday.  And I couldn't have asked for a better way to ring in the big two-seven.


  1. Wow! Those chairs are ugly... You should do something about that asap. Oh and PS.. we knew garbage picking was cool back when we were 7 and waking up early on Friday to get good finds. I believe we once found encyclopedias and a sweet bike!

  2. Hi Deanne, I'm a friend of Lisa's from Greensboro, and I found your blog via your newest post about her graduation present! I love your blog! I just bought a house, too, and you have some great ideas for sprucing things up. :)

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