Sunday, May 13, 2012


When Reed and I start a new house project we try to evaluate what is worth the time and money to replace and what we can live with.  We were incredibly fortunate to buy a home with a beautiful kitchen.  The cabinets are gorgeous, not to mention, we were spoiled with amazing granite counter tops. Unfortunately our kitchen came with soffits.  Ripping out the soffits didn't seem worth the time and expense, so we moved on to option two.  Make them better.  

In an effort to add some color to our neutral kitchen, I was pretty set on buying this sign from Etsy to hang above our stove.  As cute as it was, the $58 price tag was really making me think twice about placing my order.  It must have been fate that brought me to the Kane County Flea Market a few weeks ago. When I saw these salvaged wooden letters, I knew it was meant to be.  At $5 per letter, I could have a similar decoration in our kitchen for a whole lot less!

The corner of the "T" looked like it had been chewed on (not literally), so Reed patched it up with some wood putty and sanded it smooth. 

 Next I sanded the letters a little bit to rough them up so the new paint would stick.  We gave them a nice even coat of primer and let it dry.  Followed by a brand-spanking-new coat of spray paint.  Have I mentioned how much I love spray paint?

Sidenote: We bought this handy dandy little tool (made by Rustoleum) at Menard's a few weeks ago and it was worth every penny! It looks like a garden hose attachment and fits onto your standard spray paint cans.  A real life saver for your pointer finger who typically gets stuck doing all the work.  Also highly recommended for applying nice even coats of paint (and its so easy on the hands!). If you are an avid spray painter, you should probably go get one ASAP.

Back to my letters. Once the spray paint dried they were looking fresh and clean and ready to add a much needed pop of color to our kitchen.  We used some Command Strips to put them on the wall (my indecisiveness may determine they belong in a different kitchen spot).

Just in case we ever forget, the kitchen is where we EAT (soffits to the rescue!).


  1. Love it!

    I did something similar...I saw a "gather" sign in the Sundance Catalog (, but it was just too pricey. So, I used a vinyl decal instead (

    Oh, and not only do you have a beautiful kitchen, but that ceiling is making me drool. ;)

  2. That's Great. I like how your sign turned out. We are pretty big fans of vinyl decals.

    We finished the kitchen a few months ago. The ceiling is my favorite part too. The old plaster ceiling was in pretty rough shape so we just covered it up with some wood planks from Menards rather than trying to patch the plaster. It was a tedious project but very do-able for a DIY-er. We just might have to write about that project in the near future!