Thursday, June 28, 2012


July 3, 2012 marks two blissful years of marriage.
A day we will never forget. 
A day surrounded by our closest family and friends. 
A day of sunshine. 
Of overflowing amount of love.  
Of funny heartfelt vows.  
Of ice cream and cupcakes and candy.  
Of months and months of handmade details and insane amounts of crafts.  
Of crazy dance music and a packed dance floor.  
Of "impossible-to-find-in-July" peonies in a bouquet. 
Of summer beer, bud light lime, and 312.

A day of us. 
Of an incredibly beautiful sparkler dance to our favorite country song.  
A day of more happiness than we could of ever imagined. 
A day we can't think about without smiling. 
Of celebration. 
Of laying in bed at 2am, chatting away, reflecting on how the day was better than we could have ever dreamed. 
Of realizing we were finally husband and wife. 
A day that made a stressful 7 months of planning worth every damn second.
A day that marked the beginning of our lives together. 

Two years ago today, for two people, was too good to be true.  
Here's two to many, many, more days like that.

A little shoutout to our favorite wedding vendors- thank you for making our day so special!

Photographer: Rich Chapman
Florist: Becca Blue
Cupcakes: Molly's
Venue: CD & ME


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Happy Anniversary! We'll be celebrating 13 years in September, and let me tell ya, it only gets better. :)

  2. LOVE this post! How long did it take you? Shakespeare in the making..!

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