Sunday, July 15, 2012


Last fall, I called the Village to come trim a dead branch off of the large maple tree located in the parkway in front of our house (as seen here with Harley).  A few weeks later the branch was still there but we came home to find a letter from the Village stating that they had concerns about the health of the tree.  They said that the village forester would be performing some tests and that they would let us know the results.  By the end of November, the tree had dropped it's leaves for the winter which meant that the dead branch just blended in with the rest of the tree.  Out of sight, out of mind right?

This past March, Deanne and I hired someone to come take down a medium sized pine tree in the front corner of our yard (the only other tree in our front yard).  It was an ugly tree and made our house difficult to see from the street. We were pretty amazed that in 45 minutes, these guys had completely removed the tree and stump.  This was a huge improvement to our yard (it was pretty fun to watch too).

Exactly two days after the pine tree came down,  we came home to find a big white "X" spray painted on the maple tree.

We knew this wasn't a good sign, so I immediately called the Village for an explanation. They informed me that their tests revealed that the tree was severely decayed and that it was no longer structurally sound.  The woman said that village's tree removal contractor would be coming to remove the tree and grind the stump in the next few weeks.  Last summer we installed a stone wall around the base of the same tree.  If only we had waited another year for that project...

Eventually, after three months of not-so-eagerly waiting for the tree to come down, we came home from work to see this   

We knew it was going to happen sooner or later but we were a little surprised by the15-foot totem pole standing in front of our house.  I tried to convince Deanne that we should hire a chainsaw artist to carve something cool into that bad boy, but she wasn't having it.  

Luckily, after 4 or 5 days, they finally came back for the rest of the trunk (although after 3 and a half weeks, the stump is still here).  Between the two trees, the bushes, and the flowers that we've torn out this summer, we are pretty convinced that our neighbors think we hate plants. And quite honestly, after the many many weekends we've spent working on landscaping this summer, we kind of do hate plants. 

But on a positive note, our blank slate of a yard is ready for some new and improved landscaping (more to come, of course). We've even learned a whole new language this summer - viburnums, azaleas, coral bells, boxwoods, vinca, and hydrangeas are just a few of the many words being thrown around at the Panther house. I will be the first to admit while we love the sunshine, we can't wait to be done with the yard work and start working on some new projects.

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  1. hahahaha This post makes me sad.... please get some new landscaping soon, Harley needs some friends!