Sunday, August 12, 2012

Welcome to the Real World

I am very excited to announce my little sister Lisa, graduated a few months ago with a Master's in Counseling! Woo Hoo! 

Reed and I knew we wanted to do something special to celebrate her most recent accomplishment. But what do you buy for a girl who's been in college for 6 years and now is being forced into the real world? We knew nothing could ease the pain of having to give up the glamorous college lifestyle, but we decided to look for something to decorate her future office and hopefully brighten her work days.  A few things about Lisa:
  • She loves motivational quotes and inspirational sayings.
  • She's obsessed with the wilderness.
  • She loves to travel.
  • She doesn't enjoy decorating (what! how are we related?!)
  • She's recently accepted a school counselor position in Raleigh, NC!
A few weeks ago, when I received my daily One Kings Lane email and saw "Lively Wall Prints" in the subject and a light bulb went off...

I opened the email, clicked "Shop Now", saw these, and knew they would be perfect in a counselor's office.  I was having a really hard time deciding which print I liked the best, until I noticed one of the options in this sale was a mini collection set of 5x7s! It would be perfect, especially since we didn't know the size of the future wall these would hang on.  If the office was tiny and could only fit a few, then Lisa would be able to choose for work and use the rest in her apartment. We were sold...

Sidenote: Haven't joined One Kings Lane? Click Here to sign up now. If you join by this link, you will receive a $15 credit! Each day you will get an email with the new sales. It's similar to Groupon, but all products for decorating your home!

I quickly placed the order and started daydreaming about a little gallery wall in her new office. We picked up all of the white frames at Ikea- talk about easy project!

Once the "new-to-the-real-world" graduate picks a color scheme for her office (let's get real, once I pick a color scheme for her office), we may decide to spray paint all of the frames to match.  We are making a trip to NC in the fall, so hopefully we will be able to finish up her gift and decorate her new apartment and office all in one jam packed fun filled weekend :)

A few of the many possibilities for her office gallery wall (the prints aren't in the frames, just sitting on top of the plastic):

And my personal favorite (I think I need to find Lisa an "&")...

Let it be known, not only do we predict "Master" Lisa will become the student's favorite counselor, she will also have a very stylish office some day soon!  Congrats to my favorite sister!