Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the Office

Well, after several months of talking about it, we finally started working on the office.  Since we moved into the house, this room has for-the-most-part been neglected.  When we first moved in, this room was the perfect spot to store tools while working on other parts of the house.  If we didn't want to look at the mess, we would simply shut the door.  Out of sight, out of mind right?

Our planning for this room started last winter when I began working on the new desk.  After a broken wrist, some warm weather, and a whole lot of landscaping, we aren't quite as far along with this room as we had planned; but we are finally making some headway.

Before Pics

Last week, we started by moving everything out of the office and into the guest room.  Next we removed all of the baseboards and the trim from around the windows and doors.  Like all of the other rooms in our house, all of the trim was coated with multiple layers of paint (possibly lead paint) and was painted the same color as the walls.

With the room cleared and the trim gone, we began to assess the walls and ceiling.  Let's just say we are very happy that the rest of the walls and ceiling in our house weren't in this kind of condition when we moved in.  Whoever lived in this room before us must have had an affinity for hanging crap on the walls because we found more nail holes in this room than we did in the rest of our rooms combined.


The room was a pinkish-beige but due to the shoddy paint job it is very apparent that the previous color was a bright teal straight from the early 90's.  We're not entirely sure how it happened but all the way around the entire room there were chips of ceiling paint missing along the wall.  Our guess is that they taped around the ceiling when they painted the walls and that when they removed the tape, a few layers of paint came with it.  The joys of owning an older home.

So after a night of patching the ceiling and filling the nail holes (and another night of sanding everything), we finally got the walls painted.  As usual, I did the edging and Deanne did the rolling.  We've tried switching roles in the past, but that just resulted in a broken roller and paint all over the ceiling.  We still have a lot of work to do but it feels great to finally be making some progress.

Yes, we are using the old owners curtains as drop cloths.  Is that bad?

I believe she's trying to figure out what part of the ceiling she already painted.

I took over rolling responsibilities to give the short one a break.

So here's our checklist of what's done / what's left to do:

  • Clear out room
  • Remove baseboards, window trim, and door trim,
  • Replace power outlets
  • Fill nail holes
  • Patch ceiling
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint walls (Deanne says you have to wait to see the new wall color until she shares more details on the design.  I know, the suspense must be killing you.)
  • Hang new Baseboards
  • Hang new window / door trim
  • Fill nail holes (in the trim)
  • Paint trim
  • Caulk trim
  • Replace light fixture
  • Finish Desk (finally!)
  • Re-finish new (to us) desk chair
  • Build shelving unit (more on that later)
  • Convince Deanne to let me put a TV in this room
Note: Sorry our progress pictures are lacking in quality.  We have been temporarily sans-camera so we've just been using our iphones for pictures.

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