Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall has Fell: Inside Decorations

The days are getting shorter, the weather cooler, and people in Chicago crabbier.  It was a sad moment when we noticed Summer had ended and Fall had arrived.  Thankfully (no pun intended), putting up the fall decorations helped mask the "I'm leaving work and it's getting dark outside" depression that we've been feeling lately. All we needed around here to cure our "Fall blues" was a little decorating change and a homemade apple tart (or two).  And since I brought it up, here are our favorite apple tarts you need to try immediately- Simplest Apple Tart and Apple Mosaic Tart with Salted Caramel. You're welcome.

Anyway, back to fall decorations.  You might be wondering why we decided to ignore the next major holiday and skip right to decorating for the Fall season. Neither of us are big Halloween fans. Don't get me wrong, we love handing out candy on Halloween and rarely turn down an opportunity to go to the bars dressed ridiculously, but ghosts, skeletons, and spider webs just haven't found a place in our hearts (or our house).  Not to mention, our fall decorations get to stay up from October to Christmas decoration time, it's a win win.

This was our first fall season with a mantle, so I spent many hours searching Pinterest for some new ideas.  I [along with every other person looking for fall decorating ideas] pinned this image:

Image found here

Beautiful. I love the white pumpkins.  The empty frames. The burlap pennants.  With this inspiration in mind, it was time to start shopping.

My first stop was Goodwill.  I picked up a bunch of empty frames ranging in price from $0.99-$4.99. I removed the glass and backs of all the frames (except for 1 that had a mirror which I decided to use for the "give" pennant).

After I had the frames, I searched the internet to figure out how to print on burlap. Thankfully, this "How to Print on Burlap - Redneck Style" tutorial worked perfectly*. I used the "redneck style" because it was the only internet tutorial I could find that called for supplies I already had.  I do have a few suggestions - add some double stick tape in between the burlap and cardstock.  This keeps the burlap from moving around so much while printing.  Also change your printing properties to a high quality print on heavier paper (I think I specified cardstock). 
*Reed would like me to mention that we are not quite sure if printing on burlap is good for your printer.  I don't think he was very happy that I decided to experiment with ours, but everything seems to be working just fine right now (knock on wood). 

I then cut the letters into little triangle pennants and glued them on to a piece of ribbon.  The ribbon is stapled into the back of the mirror.

Up next were the white pumpkins.  I couldn't figure out what to do for the letters so I ended up buying some cute brown sticker letters at Hobby Lobby [tip - download the Hobby Lobby app on your smartphone for an instant 40% coupon at checkout]. Talk about a quick, easy craft project.  I thought the stickers might need some hot glue reinforcement given the curviness of the pumpkins, but its been a few weeks and all of the letters are still sticking!  On second thought, if you don't want to risk breaking your printer, these stickers would be cute on the burlap pennant banner also...

And because the mantle was lacking those oh so beautiful fall colors, I added a $5.99 (plus 40% off) leaf garland from Hobby Lobby to finish it off. Ta Da!

Last year I made these "Fall" blocks out of scrap pieces of 2x4's- tutorial found here.  I actually printed the letters on cardstock and carefully cut them out (since we didn't have a vinyl maker to create the letters).

I also made my most favorite burlap bubble wreath last year - tutorial found here.  This wreath makes me so happy.

On to the dining room table. Since we rarely eat at this table, I took it upon myself to cover most of it with fall decorations.  The burlap table runner was another craft I made last year. I don't recall which tutorial I used, but I simply measured the table length and cut the burlap to size. No sewing required (thank goodness).  If you want some little fringy (is that a word?) ends, just pull a few strings of burlap out.

The rest of our fall decorations on the dining room table involve no crafting skills. Unless you count filling a glass hurricane with acorns and pumpkins. The tiny candles and berry garland were from Homegoods a few years ago.

So there you have it. The above decorations, plus a Harvest Yankee Candle, football games (and not as many Cardinals playoff games as Reed would have liked), plus some sort of crockpot dinner/apple baked dessert equal fall at the Panther house. Depressing moods due to the changing seasons are not welcome here.

P.S. We all know fall decorations wouldn't be complete without a little something to brighten up the front porch, so stay tuned in the next few days for a run down of the outside decs!


  1. Super cute! Feel like even I could master these fall decoration ideas... if only my apartment was decorated in the first place ; )

    Great post!

    1. haha thank you thank you! PS only a few more weeks until your apartment is decorated!