Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Part Two: Decorating Lisa's Apartment

As you may have noticed, Deanne kept me pretty busy while we were in Raleigh.  While she was stressing about pillows and curtains, I kept myself occupied by drilling holes in the wall, hanging pictures, making various trips to Lowes, and most importantly building a new headboard.

We've been wanting to make an upholstered headboard for a while now, but unfortunately we already have headboards for each of the beds in our house.  Lisa's bed ended up being the perfect test subject. As we mentioned in the last post, TSA regulations and Air Tran baggage fees limited the tools that we had at our disposal, but Lisa was able to borrow a drill (or as she would call it, an "automatic screwdriver") and we were able to pick up a hand-operated miter saw and some other supplies while we were in town.

The first order of business (and probably the most challenging part of the project) was picking up the wood. After dropping Lisa off at work, we ran straight to Lowes to grab our plywood and 2 x 4's to make the frame.    One thing we like about Lowes is that if you need to have wood cut; your first five cuts are free!  Since we didn't have access to a circular saw this was a huge lifesaver.  We had the piece of plywood cut to the width of a queen bed (60 inches if you're interested).  I had a few other strips cut to use as a filler on the legs and Deanne had her own strip cut (since we had 1 more free cut to go).  Little did I know that this piece would be used for the display piece mentioned here...

So with the wood cut to size, it was time to get back to her apartment and start building.  Lucky for us, this wasn't our first time tying a piece of plywood on top of a Toyota Corolla.  (We even planned ahead and packed some rope in our carry-on specifically for this purpose).  Everything was going smoothly until I went to take a picture of the car.  In a matter of seconds I managed to drop the camera on the pavement and in an effort to catch it, I proceeded to smack it underneath the car.  A small piece broke off of the lense but miraculously it still works! What a start to the day...

Once we got everything inside, I started by cutting the 2 x 4's to the height that we wanted the headboard to be.  From there, I attached them to the plywood.  I also ran a 2 x 4 along the top of the plywood in order to add some strength.  To keep the thickness the same at the bottom of the legs, I added the filler pieces that I mentioned above.

With the frame assembled we started upholstering.  We looked into getting the padding at Joann Fabrics but it was going to be pretty expensive so we decided to use two $10 twin sized foam mattress pads from Walmart instead.

With the foam in place, we covered it in batting (I'm not really sure what this stuff is normally used for).

Last but not least, we attached the fabric.  To do so, we wrapped the fabric around the edges and stapled it to the back.  The fabric wasn't quite wide enough to cover the legs so we cut separate pieces to cover the legs.

Surprisingly, the whole thing only took about 3 hours of working time to complete.  It may not be perfect but considering what we had to work with, we are very happy with how it turned out.  Since Deanne didn't like my description of what else we did in the room ("hung stuff on walls"), she is going to fill you in on the rest of the project.

[Deanne] Okay, so like Reed said, the headboard was a fairly quick, fairly simple project that made a big impact in Lisa's bedroom.  We didn't spend too much time decorating in her room, but we wanted to do a few things to make it appear more "adult like" (and less dorm roomish).  Lisa had two 8 x10 grey frames that we painted for her old apartment, so we cut teal scrapbook paper to size and hung the frames above her new headboard.  This literally took 30 seconds and I think they would look really cute if she added some black and white photos on top of the scrapbook paper (Lisa, hint hint).

We also hung her cute grey shelf (from her old apartment) and added some empty teal frames that we found at the flea market in Raleigh.

With the addition of a few colored throw pillows, a teal blanket at the foot of her bed, and a big black and white photo in a painted frame (to replace the enormous TV on the dresser), I would call this room finished.  Oh and curtain panels wouldn't a bad idea either ;) Like I said, Reed and I (mainly me) really wish we had a few more days to decorate - next time we will plan a longer trip!

Now for the most important part... Thank you Lisa for entertaining us, showing us around Raleigh, feeding Reed Bojangles, and letting us take over your apartment for a few days (and blog about it on the internet), you're the best!!


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  1. hahaha enormous TV is a bit of an exaggeration ; ), however, when it is off the dress the entire room looks bigger and the dresser isn't caving in. Time to book another trip! It's BO-time.