Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Plate Collage in the Making

Once upon a time, about 1.5 years ago, we (Deanne) ordered a canvas picture of our favorite photo from our wedding.  We were on a mission to fill the walls in our house and thought the canvas would be a great addition to the big empty wall in our dining room. Unfortunately, we didn't spend much time analyzing our order and were slightly disappointed at how small the 16x20 inch canvas ended up looking on our "gigantic" dining room wall.

My first attempt at fixing our little art problem involved rushing to the 80% off home clearance section at Hobby Lobby.  I was on the hunt for the thickest, chunkiest frame I could possibly find.  At $16 I figured this 4in thick frame would do the trick.  Reed fixed up the corners with some wood filler and I primed and spray painted this bad boy navy blue.  We hung our new canvas art on the wall and stood back to admire our still-too-small-for-the-wall piece of art.  The big frame helped, but it still looked too tiny on the empty wall.

Instead of finding a new wall for our canvas art, I decided we could use this opportunity to fill in some of the blank wall space with a plate collage.  It really was initially just an excuse to browse and justify buying some gorgeous plates at Anthropologie. But then it turned into a treasure hunt.  I looked everywhere for cute, colorful, unique plates- Homegoods, TJmaxx, Pier 1, and World Market.  Eventually, when I thought I had enough plates to make a collage, I put them in a pile where they continued to collect dust for approximately a year. True story.

I swear, I had really really good intentions of hanging this wall of plates.  But it didn't happen.  I talked about it, bought plate hangers, held them up next to the frame to show Reed how pretty they would look (see photo below), and even laid the plates in various arrangements around the house (and left them there for days).  It was just one of those projects that didn't get executed.  Please tell me I'm not the only one that this happens to...

Until one weekend.   A burst of motivation hit me.  It was time to hang the wall of plates.  I arranged the plates in their final order on the dining room table. Reed suggested I follow this method to trace the plates in the arrangement I wanted.  [Note: We used the back of some old wrapping paper to trace the plates instead of wax paper. We then hung the wrapping paper on the wall, measured each plate and marked on the paper where the nails needed to go. It worked perfectly, except we forgot to snap a pic- blogger fail.

We used wire plate hangers with springs, $1.99 a piece at Hobby Lobby for all sizes (buy here).  I read so many horror stories about plates falling off the walls, so although it drives me crazy seeing the plate hanger on the front of the plate, I would rather be safe than sorry.   Its been a little over a month since we hung them and our plates are still secured on the dining room wall.  I recommend.

Photo from Hobbylobby.com

And we love craziness the plates add to our very beige dining room.  We really wish we would have gotten around to doing this months ago.  They add such great pops of color and patterns and we look forward to adding even more to the arrangement.  And the best part, we feel an enormous sense of pride having finally accomplished a project I talked about for over a year.  (Okay, maybe not enormous, but you get the point).

P.S. Happy Birthday to Crafter Meets Craftsman! Today marks ONE year of blogging! 


  1. Now that is a practical decoration!!!! hahaha love it!

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