Sunday, April 7, 2013

Susie & Ike's Basement Remodel - Guest Blogger (Color Schemes)

We are back with Susie & Ike's mini series blog post #3 (in case you missed it, you can read post one here & post two here)! Today Susie talks about picking colors for her basement remodel.  I have to admit, this is probably one of my favorite topics. Not only are color schemes extremely exciting to me, but picking out details like colors make me think that the dirty work of remodeling is almost complete, and its time to start thinking about decorating!

As promised…a “fun” post. Finally I get to let my creative juices flow! Now that the drywall is taped and mudded (well worth contracting that job out!), it’s time to paint. And even though the space is very large, it is worth to take this job on internally as there is no baseboard or ceiling in place that makes trimming difficult.

With that said, onto choosing colors…or shall I say entire color schemes. Its hard to just head to the hardware store and pick wall colors without having an entire color palette in mind. So to start that process, we decided to choose furniture and cabinetry colors first. Besides for Ikester’s train table and a random end table, both a dark cherry wood, we didn’t have any other furniture dedicated to this space. So while I wanted to choose a furniture color that would compliment these pieces, I knew it wasn’t necessary since refinishing two pieces of furniture would be pretty easy if necessary.

Like most of my other home décor projects, I headed to Pinterest for inspiration. While I truly appreciate this site, I’ve also noticed myself becoming more indecisive since joining. So many design styles are showcased on the site, most of which I find one thing or another I really like. But alas, I narrowed it down to these three:

“A” just looks so fun for kids, while also being mature enough for adults. If you remember, our basement is really one large open square…so any corner I chose to decorate like this would be visible from any point in the room. I could really see this making a great statement!

While “B” is a nursery, I really like the fun orange mixed with the light blue. In this option I would add either a navy or green accent as well, as I think it looks pretty youthful as is.

Option “C” was the first scheme that both Ike and I were drawn to. In fact, it provided inspiration for our basement in the first place. I love the two different wall colors because not only do they add layer and depth to the room, it semi identifies a separate area of the open basement.

Ike and I decided that we needed to eliminate “A.” While it still tugs at my heart strings, I realized adding wallpaper would be a lot of work and money that wasn’t necessary when it would probably be covered with toys anyways. This left me with “B” and “C.” In “C” I liked the mix of white furniture and wood colored furniture. Plus, I knew exactly where I could find an abundance of white furniture options on the cheap (thank you IKEA!) Additionally, with “C” I could incorporate fun pops of color in orange or other “in” colors with my décor. It was just our luck that there was no link for the origin of this image; leaving us with no paint colors! Off to the hardware store we went to find the perfect greige and light aqua.

When we got to Home Depot, we quickly realized we had already stumbled upon the perfect greige. Throughout our entire upstairs level we used a lot of Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Since the stairs leading down to the basement were already this color (and we had some paint left over) we decided to make that our greige.

Here are the options we chose for our aqua shade.

As you can see, they actually range from mint to colonial blue. From here we chose our top 3 shades and googled images of them in actual rooms, in addition to holding them next to Revere Pewter in various “lights.” In the end we settled with Martha Stewart Enamelware. To us, this was the perfect shade of light aqua and truly complimented our greige. 


The image below outlines the proposed walls for the chosen paint colors. Check back soon for paint pictures and a discussion of flooring options.