About Us

I am a 20-something year old (I have a few more years in my "20's") crafter.  Born & raised on the south side of Chicago (go Sox!), I had a pretty typical childhood. I am the oldest and a self-proclaimed parent's favorite- I have a younger sister (also 20 something) and a younger brother (also 20 something).  My favorite pet is my dog Maggie (commonly referred to as maggie moo, magster, maggie may, and princess). She is still kickin' after 15 fabulously spoiled years and while she spends most of her time sleeping, she brightens our lives each and every day.  I'm not very athletic, but love to workout (shout out to CrossFit Glen Ellyn).  Not very cool, but love to pretend.  Not very exciting, but I find joy in the tiniest things. 

I have a degree in mathematics and computer science, a job in IT, and a love for all creative things unrelated to my major and job. Facebook, Pinterest, and blog reading are some of my favorite pasttimes.  Cooking and baking are very relaxing to me, as is talking about and eating food (talking about food while eating is even better).  

Spray painting is my "go-to" option in the crafting world.  I firmly believe everything looks better with a shiny coat of spray paint. I love to shop- there is nothing more satisfying to me (and Reed) than getting a good deal.  My friends are some of the most beautiful, supportive people I know.  I will always & forever want to be back in college- by far, the best consecutive 4 years of my life. 

I love to turn trash into treasure, I hope to inspire the hesitant to 'give it a shot', and through this blog, I will attempt to encourage each of you to turn your house into your very own "home sweet home".

Having recently turned 27, I am the old man of this duo.  I was born and raised in a small town in west-central Illinois with an older sister and two teachers for parents so as you would expect; I didn’t get away with much growing up.  I spent my childhood doing many of the things that I still enjoy today; watching baseball, being average at sports, pretending to be a rock star.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Geography (which makes me a great teammate on trivia nights) and master’s degree in Urban Planning (architecture for people that can’t draw). When I’m not working on house projects, I am a grant administrator (I spend grant money and do a lot of paperwork) for a local county government.

I would describe myself as a messy perfectionist (if there is such a thing).  When it comes to making things, I have a strong attention to detail.  I always want the finished product to be absolutely perfect. When it comes to cleaning up however, that trait goes right out the window.  Deanne is training me to be better about this but I have a lot of room for improvement.

I wish I could say that I have a vast experience performing handyman / woodworking projects; but up until a year ago (when we bought our house) I never really had much practice.  When it comes to house projects; I might not always know what I’m doing but half the fun (and frustration) is learning as I go.